George says : I have shot my Perazzi’s since 2000, and feel more confident with this than any other gun I have shot

From the beginning Perazzi shooters achieved considerable success and the name and reputation of Perazzi became established and widely known. For 50 years Perazzi have built prestigious game and competition guns that are a fusion between traditional gunsmithing, high technology and the selection of excellent raw materials. The perfect balance and handling and the innovations that have been made during this time have resulted in a gun suitable for every discipline and made the company a world leader in clay shooting.

Perazzi can tailor a shotgun to a shooter’s exact stock measurements to ensure a very personal and effective gun, leaving you with nothing less than perfection. Available in 12G, 20G, 28G and 410G, with different forend styles and barrel lengths, there really is no better custom shotgun service out there.

George says :  I have shot Gamebore White Gold since Kent Cartridge were bought by them, so effectively I have been shooting White Gold’s for 30 years.

The development process of Gamebore cartridges ensures they provide a full spectrum experience for shooters at every stage of their game. Gamebore product is designed to excite, challenge and educate the serious shooter to achieve far reaching results. The product range is designed with equal thought to the shooter, gun type and the target, as well as considerations such as environmental impact.

Gamebore shooters from either Game or Clay disciplines aim to maintain the ethics of good sportsmanship, style, flair and an understanding of a sport which appreciates the fine detail of their unique loads to propel them to where they need to be – which is why Gamebore product is used by some of the very best game and competition shooters internationally.

Tapping into the proud heritage of British shooting combined with innovative technical breakthroughs in advanced manufacture Gamebore are able to present ammunition which has the comfort of excellence as well as the agility and prowess their global customer base expects from our exceptional product range.

British based and made – Gamebore have built their industrious past and illustrious future around decades of experience and are spurred on by the desire and the ability to produce the best.

George says :  Since the inception of compulsory eye wear, I have used no other product and I feel the glasses have benefited my shooting.

For over 20 years, Pilla Performance Eyewear stands alone in providing the very best in performance eyewear. The range of Pilla products available offers equipment capable of adding value to an athletes’ performance. Pilla believes in function over style, along with substance over hype. Anything less than perfection is not worth doing, resulting in the Pilla Eyewear range providing the finest visual equipment in the world.

Pilla outfit the majority of top professional shooters in the world with their visual equipment.  They have stood on more podiums in the world championships over the past 10 years than any other eyewear manufacturer servicing the shooting sports community.

8 of the 9 men’s shotgun Olympic medalists in 2012 in London used Pilla visual equipment to realize their dream of winning an Olympic medal. Pilla provide a singularly unique piece of equipment for shooters.

George says :  A great product that allows to move your head without the restriction of “cans”.

CENS® (Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors) digital devices are lightweight and unobtrusive, offering super-comfortable hearing protection. The CENS® range of hearing protection products are available in a wide range of model and colour combinations. The digital microelectronic amplifier provides a natural listening experience, so you never miss a sound when using CENS® bespoke ear plugs whilst clay pigeon shooting, game shooting or just target practice.

The sound of a gunshot at close range can irreversibly damage your hearing for life! CENS® ear defenders are custom-made ear plugs, made to fit the individual ears perfectly. George Digweed (multiple world champion clay pigeon shooter) uses CENS® custom-made shooting protection ear plugs for game shooting and field sports.

George says :   R Ward Gunmakers does a great job down in West Sussex, you should go and see them.

R Ward Gunmakers shop offers the widest range of sporting guns and shooting accessories, along with the best shooting advice. You are guaranteed a warm welcome from the moment you enter the spacious shop. Visit

Whether you are looking for commercial ground machines for a Sporting layout, personal use traps to use from home, equipment that can simulate your favourite game birds in readiness for the coming season, or full layouts for the Olympic disciplines such as Skeet or Olympic Trench, then Promatic has the finest machines on the market to suit your exact requirements.

  • Simulated Game – ideal for game shooting enthusiasts or simulated shoot days
  • Competition traps – for Olympic Trench, Universal Trench, Skeet, Double Trap, DTL & ABT
  • Sporting – traps for all types of Sporting such as English Sporting, FITASC, Compact/ 5-Stand
  • Personal Use – traps that you can use from the comfort of your home
  • Trap technologies – shows what makes Promatic traps the preferred choice
  • Winning formula –  get zero-‘no birds’ using our winning combination

George says :   A ‘Champagne Charlie’ I am not, but I do like enjoying a glass of the Digweed Rose!.

This GD branded rosé champagne, with its elegant colour and subtle aromas of red berries, will delight the connoisseur’s palate. A dry, fresh and classy champagne produced by Gael Poinsot, this luxurious offering comes from the south of the world-renowned Champagne region in France, having been cellar aged for at least 36 months.  Gael has selected the finest grapes from his vineyard, which also supplies the LVMH group so his grapes are used in the production of world famous brands such as Don Perignon and Veuve Clicquot.

Gael is a keen clay shooter and met George during a world cup event some years ago. Since then Gael and George have been working together to design this fantastic champagne.

George Says : To be associated with Fox Harb’r is a dream come true, who possibly could not want to be a brand ambassador to a 5 star product such as this.  The facilities, people and setting is incredible, and I look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship with all at Fox Harb’r.

The Westover Group has grown significantly in the last two decades, expanding the number and range of manufacturers it represents. Westover now offer the widest choice of cars in the region, operating franchises for 14 vehicle manufacturers from 27 locations across Dorset and Wiltshire. With 22 showrooms (each with its own workshop) and two dedicated accident repair centres in Poole and Salisbury, the group also has two vehicle storage facilities and a head office. More than 550 people currently work at Westover

George says :    Wherever you travel in the World, CCI Target breaks are always the best.

CCI International has been manufacturing clay pigeons since 1982 and is market leader in the UK

They export to many countries worldwide and have annual production of some 100 million clays.

CCI have a policy of continual research and development with the goal of satisfying the shooter’s desire to maximise scores and the ground owner’s requirement for minimal breakages. Consequently CCI clays are the preferred choice of most of the UK’s premier shooting grounds as well as many top grounds in other countries.