My Story

George Digweed, 6th September 2013.

If you are not familiar with the world of clay pigeon shooting, you may not have heard of George Digweed. If you are a clay pigeon shooter, you cannot fail to know of him, such is his dominance of the scene.

Hundreds of international and domestic titles, won over 4 decades, have secured his place in the history books of the sport, but what of the man behind the legend? There is much more to George Digweed, so here is his story…

The Early Years

George Digweed was born in Hastings, Sussex in April 1964.  The shooting seed was sown early on by his Grandfather, George Hickman, who shot in a game shooting syndicate at Rolvenden, Kent.  Young George accompanied George senior from an early age, initially beating and then at the age of eleven, being allowed to carry an unloaded gun for a year before taking his first shots.

Whilst George can thank his Grandfather for a great introduction to shooting, the rest of us can thank George Senior for introducing him to clay shoots the following year at the age of twelve.  Working in the family butchers alongside his father and grandfather, George earned enough money to fund regular clay shooting trips and soon Sundays consisted of a trek around the South-East of England, sometimes taking five or six shoots along the way.

“A future champion was formed” 

Soon enough, these weekends would yield some prize money and enable the future champion to buy the essentials of fuel and cartridges.

The Competitor

131007 GDSA 04The record books speak for themselves.  Friends and fellow competitors say that he is the most complete shot in the game; not the most natural, but the most complete.

George Digweed has been phenomenally successful throughout his career, and is still notching up win after win to this day.  With a reputation like this, and the trophy cabinet to match,  it is easy to believe that George is simply invincible!

However, there were years when others were able to pull something extra out of the bag to be able to reach that extra level, but George was rarely more than a point away from the win.  Such defeats have only driven him on.

As a competitor, George strives for perfection.  His concentration is incredible and his sense of competition remains fierce. You would be unwise to bet against George at anything. When challenged, the “race face” gets set and you’ll find it tough to counter the 100% effort.

 Did you know about George Digweed the Cricketer? 

It is 100% true, Georges name went into Wisden, the cricket bible, for an extraordinary cricketing achievement when his bowling figures in a Sussex league cup match were five overs, five maidens, eight wickets, zero runs.

The Business

_DSC0073Shooting is a business and anyone as good as George is going to be involved in the business of shooting.

As a Clay and Game shooting coach, George is in demand the world over and being a regular contributor to the shooting press goes with the territory. There is so much that can be learned from George, that there is always an audience or a reader hanging on every word.

George sees himself as a game shot who shoots clay pigeons from time to time. He devotes a lot of time to the George Digweed Sporting Agency which he runs with his wife Kate.  George shoots clays for six months of the year, and from mid-August his attention turns exclusively to game.  Working with his team, he has transformed Owley in to one of the finest shoots in the South of England.

“George still holds the record for shooting 661 woodpigeon in a single day… ” 

and also the unofficial record for dove shooting in Argentina.

The ‘Team’

131117 digweed-1They say behind every great man stands a great woman, and George is no different. No story about George is complete without some words about Kate.

Kate Digweed is George’s manager, taking care of business behind the scenes, and helping him get to a position where he just has to get to the ground ready to shoot. When George is away hosting at Owley, or with his roving syndicate, Kate looks after visiting teams. In her care, the over-riding feeling is that you are part of a private family shoot, and this magical quality is key to the Digweed’s unique appeal.

As well as Kate, George also understands the need to have a strong team supporting him. This includes ensuring that he has the right equipment to compete at the highest level. George works closely with his sponsors and key suppliers to obtain the highest levels of performance and service, and pays that effort back with success.  George recognises these sponsors are an integral part of his work.  Details of current supporters are listed on his sponsors page.

For the record

GD MBEWith hundreds of major titles to his name, you might think that George had achieved everything, but surely the greatest honour was to be awarded the MBE (Member of the British Empire) in 2009.

However, it doesn’t seem as if George will be resting any time soon, as well as great work for and on behalf of his chosen charities, he’ll continue to ensure his top level game shoots are running smoothly and STILL find time to compete at the highest level of clay shooting.

It is clear that the story hasn’t finished yet.