Pilla Panther Post X2



Product Description


The Panther System was born in 2002 under a design directive presented to Pilla by 22 Time World Champion George Digweed. George wanted a frame system that made the shooter feel like they  were not wearing glasses. The Panther has revolutionized the shooting industry and is worn by more Champions around the world than any other.

The X2 system harnesses a new Rubber Co-Injection technology to provide further adjustment in the temples for a customized fit while using the Pilla patented “Fork” temple balancing system.

The new generation Panther Post has raised the level of comfort and our unique counter balancing temple geometry reduces all felt weight on the bridge of the nose. 

The temples are fully adjustable from front to back but also can be shaped to sculpt a shooters head. The temples can be manually adjusted by forming the temple tips to contour the head. The better the form fit to the head the better the counter balance in weight distribution works. 

Every member purchasing the Panther Post X2 through georgedigweed.com will receive a free pair of Pilla Liberty casual glasses. 


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